Zealous Legal Counsel For Vital Business Matters

Efficient Guidance When A Dispute Or Dissolution Threatens Your Business 

No one wants disruptions interrupting their business, especially when it may call for legal help. Unfortunately, these things happen. When conflict comes in the form of a shareholder dispute or the end of a partnership, an experienced business law attorney can be a difference maker.

Whether you need business litigation assistance or protection for other disputes, Ling Law Group, APC, in Irvine is prepared to meet your legal needs. Our informed business attorneys know the ins and outs of California and United States business law, and we can help guide you every step of the way.

Distressed Shareholders Could Change The Direction Of Your Company

There are many reasons shareholders may be upset. They may feel that executives or owners are not communicating with them enough. Or maybe they believe the business is operated with the executives’ interests in mind, rather than that of the shareholders. We have a combined 20-plus years of experience developing personalized legal service for those in business conflicts, and we know how to best approach them.

Protection For The End Of Your Partnership

When a partnership reaches its end, even if there is no conflict, all involved parties must look to protect their financial and professional futures. We are prepared to walk you through the administrative legal issues related to the dissolution of your partnership.

If you are amid business litigation over your partnership, know that we will be diligent about handling your case efficiently to keep costs in mind and avoid trial if possible.

Reach Out For A Free Consultation

These matters can alter the course of your business and your career. Even if you are unsure whether you need legal help, we offer free consultations and will happily provide a case evaluation. Call us at 949-861-8858 or make a request via email to set up a consultation.