Zealous Legal Counsel For Vital Business Matters


The attorneys at Ling Law Group, APC are experienced with all facets of both real estate transactions and real estate litigation, making them a unique and strong asset to have advocating on your behalf.

​​We advise clients in general real estate acquisition, financing, leasing, sale, construction and restructuring transactions, and in more nuanced matters, including options, rights of way and easements, due diligence, declarations of covenants, conditions and restrictions, condemnation actions and homeowner association matters.

​​We have litigated a full range of real estate matters, including boundary and easement issues, title and ownership cases, breaches of contract, commercial lease disputes, specific performance, adverse possession claims and partition actions. Our real estate litigation practice enables us to anticipate the issues we have seen arise in the court room and protect our transactional real estate clients against these issues in our structuring and negotiation of their transactions.