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Committed To Resolving Construction Defect Disputes

In any real estate transaction or project, you need to ensure your agreements protect you, that you are compliant with all codes and regulations, and that there are adequate remedies specified in the event of an issue. If a severe defect is present, there are laws which hold those accountable for faulty construction, design, and maintenance.

The construction attorneys at Ling Law Group, APC offer diligent representation from initial bidding to litigation for disputes. We can provide thorough legal guidance in any transaction.

Protection For Developers, Contractors, And Property Owners

Our founding attorney grew up in the construction field and even has an active general contractor B license (CSLB License #963340). The attorneys at Ling Law Group, APC are thus well qualified to understand the nuanced issues in the construction context while applying the construction laws to your factual scenario. We have extensive experience representing clients in disputes with developers, builders, and contractors, and subcontractors for both commercial and residential matters. We help clients pursue their rights in construction defect cases.

Effective Solutions For Disputes and Common Defects

Construction defects are a commonly litigated area of law. Our knowledgeable construction defect lawyers have years of experience representing clients in breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, and strict liability. If a project doesn’t live up to the standards which the contractor and purchaser agreed upon, we can represent you in a break of contract dispute. If a subcontractor was negligent, the contractor could be held liable.

Common areas of disputes we litigate can include:

  • Contractor and subcontractor scope of work
  • Plans and specifications of work to be performed
  • Subcontractor substitution


Common types of construction defects we represent include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Faulty framing and bowing of walls and floors
  • Moisture issues from improper drainage
  • Soil and slope failure
  • Electrical issues
  • Roof leaks
  • Window leaks
  • Plumbing problems

Additional damage due to these defects can affect retaining walls, foundations and landscaping. Our legal advocates are up-to-date on the California construction laws, are skilled in litigation strategy and can tenaciously defend you in any type of construction case. In addition to litigation, we also handle workplace fatalities and injuries.

Obtain Strong Legal Advocacy; Call Now

Whether you are an owner or contractor, we can offer advice and options for your dispute. Our knowledge can help strive for your most favorable results. Speak with a qualified construction law attorney and get answers now. Call 949-861-8858 or email us this contact form to set up a confidential consultation.