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Premier Legal Advocacy For The Growing Industry of Cannabis

Although cannabis was just recently legalized in California for recreational use, the attorneys at Ling Law Group, APC in Irvine have been advising clients in the cannabis industry for years.  Being involved in the cannabis industry from such an early stage, we are able to draw on our substantial experience and expertise in advising many new clients just starting out in this rapidly growing and evolving industry.

Early Cannabis Legal Experience Helps Seek Maximum Results

Our attorneys’ early and continuing involvement in the cannabis industry has also allowed our firm to keep up with the rapidly evolving legal landscape relating to cannabis to ensure that our clients are compliant with the growing regulations while achieving their maximum potential. We advise clients in all levels of the medical and recreational cannabis industry, including growers, distributors, manufacturers, processors, retailers, and investors.

We advise clients on:

  • Licensing and permit application process for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, delivery, and retail
  • Business formation
  • Compliance
  • Venture capital
  • Banking
  • MED consulting
  • Intellectual property
  • Tax issues
  • Lease negotiations
  • Real property acquisitions and development

For any legal issues relating to the cannabis industry, rely on the premier attorneys in the cannabis industry at Ling Law Group, APC. We can advocate to help you successfully grow and maintain your cannabis-related business.

Discover How The Right Attorney Can Help Your Business

Over five years of experience handling cannabis industry cases make us the prime firm to handle any of your cannabis business needs. Contact us at our Irvine firm at 949-861-8858 or email us your concerns in this quick contact form.