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Innovative Strategies To Distinguish Your Business

California businesses must navigate through a complex weave of state and federal legislation, administrative regulations, local ordinances, and case law on a daily basis. Compliance can be an obstacle to productivity. Remaining viable in today’s marketplace is challenging without sound legal counsel. But it can become a minor hurdle with an experienced attorney at your side.

Ling Law Group, APC provides premier legal services for businesses throughout California. We stay current with the ever-changing laws and their effect on your bottom line. We will help you develop a competitive edge to distinguish your business to meet your goals.

Expect Growth

Ling Law Group, APC, represents large and small companies. We help business owners anticipate growth by establishing a firm platform for business operations and transactions.

No matter what stage your business is in at the moment, clarifying whether its current entity still serves your best growth potential and optimal tax benefits is essential. Our attorneys can help you with that. We offer legal assistance with all legal matters pertaining to:

  • Business Structuring and Formations – Limited liability companies, S- or C- corporations, professional corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, nonprofit corporations, and joint ventures
  • Corporate Governance – Operating agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, bylaws, minutes, board resolutions, fictitious business filings, and licensing
  • Financing – Startup options, business plans, private placement memoranda, SBA Loans (7(a), 504, or Microloans), bridge loans, promissory notes, securities agreements, investment capital for improvements and equipment, and agreements with lenders, reputable venture capitalists, private equity, or crowdfunding
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Drafting of LOIs, stock or asset purchase agreements, membership interest buyout agreements, sales of businesses, due diligence, compliance with securities and antitrust laws, and entity restructuring
  • Business Dissolutions – Identifying derivative claims, potential tax consequences, effectuating and adopting appropriate resolutions, consents, and elections, reviewing assets, liabilities, contingent assets and liabilities, leases and contracts, and preparation of a plan of liquidation that provides for sale as a going concern or piecemeal sale of assets by negotiation, auction, or other means
  • Employment law matters – Preparation of employee contracts, employee handbooks, independent contractor agreements, noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements, trade secrets protection and unfair competition, and discipline and termination guidelines

Our attorneys have experience in a range of industries in the U.S. and internationally, such as:

  • Professional Companies
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Real Estate Brokerages
  • Mortgage Companies
  • E-commerce
  • Manufacturing Businesses
  • Import/Export Businesses
  • Logistics Companies
  • Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, Dispensaries, and Delivery Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Night clubs
  • Entertainment Businesses, and more

We will meet you at the intersection of productivity and compliance. Wherever you are at in the business cycle, Ling Law Group, APC is your business partner dedicated to protect your business interests.

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