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On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Business Formation |

When entrepreneurs are looking to start a business or looking to grow a business, we can help. Ling Law Group, APC, has a history of helping businesses navigate spiderweb of local, state and federal regulations and laws to help ensure that our clients’ businesses are not stymied by these laws and regulations. And, luckily, with our help, these issues only become minor hurdles. Essentially, our Irvine, California, firm can be the difference maker to give our clients’ businesses a competitive edge to meet and exceed their business goals.

Growing the business

At the law firm of Ling Law Group, APC, we help small and large companies with an eye at finding growth opportunities. This begins with the proper business formation. Then, we can help anticipate possible legal road blocks.

What we offer

If it is business related, we can likely help as our goal is to maximize our clients’ growth potential and tax benefits. Specifically, we offer legal assistance with business structuring and formations. This includes setting up nonprofit corporations, joint ventures, limited liability companies, etc. We also help with corporate governance, like drafting shareholder agreements, operating agreements, bylaws, board resolutions, licenses, etc. We can also help clients with financing, like startup options, private placement memoranda, business plans, SBA Loans, bridge loans, etc.

Then, to help grow or as an exit strategy, we can help our clients with mergers and acquisitions and business dissolutions. This means we can help with stock and asset purchase agreements, drafting LOIs, due diligence, go over derivative claims, potential tax issues, etc.

We can even help with employment law matters. This includes drafting employee handbooks, noncompete agreements, employee contracts, discipline and termination guidelines, etc.

The difference is clear

Our reputation is for counseling entrepreneurs and businesses throughout California, which is why we have been selected as Super Lawyers from 2019 to 2021. We are able to do this across a wide range of U.S. industries, and even some international businesses and completed client services in value of over $300 million in business transactions.